033 / 2008

Can feliç nursery school

The design of Can Feliç explores the concepts of the one and the multiple, the same and the different, as a way to go deeper in the understanding of the human relationships that are established between the individual and society.


Prefinalist in XI Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism 2011


C3, nº 343. “My School, My City” (Korea, 2013)

Temas de arquitectura nº7. School Architecture (Spain, 2012)

Arq_CS. Recent architecture in Castellón 00/10 (Spain, 2012)

 XI BEAU Catalogue. The next, the necessary (Spain, 2011)


PHASE: completed, 2009

SITE: Benicassim, Spain

CLIENT: Benicàssim Town Council


BUDGET: 1.091.478,13 euros


ARCHITECTS: Ana Ábalos, Enrique Fernández-Vivancos, Pablo Llopis

CT ENGINEERS: Rafael Duet Redón, Miguel Monteagudo Cuevas

ST ENGINEERS: David Gallardo Llopis

SV ENGINEERS: VALNU Servicios de Ingeniería

MURAL PAINTINGS: Victoria Scotti

CONTRACTOR: Construcciones PIAF, S.L

PHOTOGRAPHS: Jose María Cutillas

Each group of eight children form a small family and to each one is assigned an independent place, a home. All are equal and at the same time are different according to their position relative to the sun, the view and the relationship with their neighbours. Together they form a community that gathers around the central space has continuity in a grove of trees where the units are sheltered, a courtyard house in the woods. The grove grows and merges with the urban space forming a publicly accessible garden overlooking the Desierto de las Palmas, the fundamental landscape of the common identity of Benicàssim. Can Feliç – a courtyard house in the forest in the countryside of Benicàssim.