014 / 2007

Intermediae Prado

The industrial heritage is counteracted to a double glass skin that makes up the new facades and peers through the gaps in the existing building, as though it were a Gordon Matta-Clark photograph. Simultaneously, the transparencies and reflections show the whole piece as the sum of two interventions which give value to the presence of both architectures.


THIRD PRIZE architecture competition. Spain, 2007


Plaza de las Letras exhibition hall. Madrid (Spain, 2007)


PHASE: national competition, 2007

SITE: Madrid, Spain

CLIENT: Madrid city council



ARCHITECTS: Ana Ábalos, Pablo Llopis

The actual industrial building has a marked character which we consider necessary to preserve. We therefore planned a clear and concise intervention which allows both conditions to co-exist, without any interference.
Several empty spaces adjusted to the existing structural framework join the different levels of the centre, establishing links between the different floors. The service areas are grouped in compact cores that allow the extraordinary special freedom that the current premises have to be preserved.
Given the expressive power of the roofs of the premises, it was decided to use a technical floor that houses the installations, and the necessary structural reinforcements. This construction resource gives the necessary flexibility and versatility of use and distribution that a cultural centre of these characteristics needs over time.