Ubicación: ARAS DE LOS OLMOS, ESPAÑA fecha: 2009 Status: CONSTRUIDO Cliente: PRIVADO Superficie:  210 M2 (10.563M2) Colaboradores: TEMCCO (estructura), JUAN ANTONIO PASCUAL DISEÑO INTERIOR Fotografía: JUAN ANTONIO PASCUAL

The house is located at the end of an agricultural plot, in a “naturally artificial” setting. The program of this house is organised and structured by two dry stone walls like those that configure the terraces.

The home is organised and structured by two dry stone walls. One runs parallel to the natural layout of the agricultural plots, limiting and differentiating the space, open to the plot, a lengthy volume that contains the bedroom area, a quiet area, more related to the adjoining grape vines.  The other, perpendicular to the first, is configured as a vital nucleus, around which daily living occurs.